Slings can cause hip damage

From Jasmine Helbling

A baby's hip joint is still soft and malleable while it is growing. If it is put under the wrong load in the first few months of life, lasting damage can result. Dr. med. Wolfram Hartmann, President of the German Professional Association of Pediatricians (BVKJ), warned this week on www.kinderaerzte-im- especially in front of stretched legs: «Is the child transported or carried with its back to the person carrying it?. If the baby carrier has no or too short a seat bridge, the child's legs are stretched by its own weight.»The fact that the femoral head is levered outwards in this way can damage the hip. “There are now these towels where children should be aware of everything. But they're still babies. With babies, it comes down to security!»

Are clearly healthier Slings or aids in which the child sits on the parents' stomach, back or hips with legs slightly apart and bent. The baby is ideally turned towards its parents in these slings.

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We recommend a seat bridge just above the knee joints, through which the hips can bend over 90 degrees and the legs are spread at an angle of 40 degrees. Knee joints should be able to move freely.

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