Minimalism ... because less is simply more! 3

We humans tend to want to own as much as humanly possible: We buy new shoes even though we already have ten pairs in the closet. We strive for a bigger and bigger account balance, even though we are actually fine with what we have. We stuff ourselves with bad food just because it's cheap and available quickly. And in our free time? We chase from one appointment to the next as if we were obsessed with it. Just don't miss anything and be part of everything

But why actually?

Why do we behave and so? It makes us better people if we have more clothes in the closet than our neighbors? We live happier when we eat fat and plump food on cheap food? We are only great when we have more appointments, more hobbies and more commitments than others?

I do not think so!

In times of abundance, as we currently have them, I find it much more important to go back to the original things. Wouldn't it be nice if we could be happier the less we have? With my new blog Mini.Me. - Minimalism & Green Lifestyle, that's exactly what I plan to do.

Own less, “have to” less, but have more time for myself. Live minimalism. In everyday life, at work, during leisure time, at home, when shopping and of course with nutrition.

Now some people are probably wondering: Is that just a fixed idea? Maybe an ambitious project? She put the old food blog on hold too early? Who knows today?? But if I don't try, I'll never find out. And who knows - maybe this minimalism adventure is the beginning of something really grandiose! Sometimes it just takes a bold step. A fresh start. And that's done now.

Voilá - Thats Mini.Me.

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