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The future is smart

The word "Smart " means something like "clever ". And that is exactly what I have been trying to convey with my blog since 2015: how to deal wisely with ourselves, with our consumption and, in this context, of course with the use of the resources that are available to us. There are countless different ways to become active in this area and to conserve resources. And I have already introduced many of them to you here on the blog. Today I would like to show you another possibility and take you into the world of smart homes. Using the example of E.ON Plus Smart Home I explain how you can easily lead your own home into the future and save a lot of money with sustainable energy consumption.

Smart Home - what is it anyway?

The term Smart Home is generally understood to mean the intelligent control and networking of devices in one's own household. For example, intelligently controlled heating or automated lighting systems. For me personally, smart heating is particularly interesting in this area. Because I'm a real chilblaze and absolutely don't like it when I come home after a long day at work and the apartment is cold. But because my apartment is very large at 100 square meters, this is still quite common at the moment. I heat more than sparingly because I don't want to leave the heater on all day if nobody is at home anyway. That just consumes gas unnecessarily and sustainability is definitely different. Automated heating that thinks for itself and heats exactly when I need it has therefore always been a dream for me. And now that is exactly what is actually possible.

How to deal with E.ON Plus lets you realize your own smart home

E.ON is certainly familiar to you as an electricity and gas provider. With E.ON Plus connects E.ON meanwhile the classic energy supply with the future-oriented possibilities of intelligent home control. With this, E.ON offers its customers a very simple introduction to the future of a networked home. The electricity or gas tariff comes from E.ON, the intelligent control devices from well-known companies such as Philips, Bosch or Nest. Of course, you could also create your own smart home without a customer at E.To be ON. The control units can also be bought like this. Thanks to its first-class customer service, nationwide availability and tailor-made tariffs (including discounts on technical devices), E.ON makes it particularly easy for its customers to find their way into the smart home sector. Full service from a single source.

Smart heating - how it works and what I expect from it

In the area of ​​heating, E.ON Plus with the thermostats from tadoº and personally I think they are really great. They are compatible with 95% of all heaters and ensure that the heater practically obeys every word from the time it is installed. The heating can not only be conveniently controlled via an app while on the move, no, the intelligent thermostat even goes one step further and can take over the heat regulation completely independently. So suppose the weather report suddenly predicts colder weather, then the thermostat will automatically turn up the heating. If it suddenly becomes warm again outside, the temperature is lowered again. Absolutely ingenious and a real relief, especially in large apartments and houses.

Personally, I promise myself with intelligent control of my heating that in the future I will not only always have the perfect comfortable temperature at home, but will also save a lot of heating costs. Lute.ON Plus you can save up to 30% here. How much I could save exactly, I looked at E.Have ON Plus calculated once. There is a wonderful calculator there. Simply state whether your own home is an apartment or a house, when approx. the last time it was modernized, how high the living space is and how many people you live with. In my case (apartment, extremely old, 100 square meters, occupied by 2 people) the calculator comes to an annual saving of 219-323 euros. And - which is even more important to me personally - on a CO² saving of 1169 - 1723 kg. If that's not a house number!

For me personally, converting my household to a smart home is definitely a classic win-win for everyone. A warm apartment, lower heating costs, more money in the account and, above all, lower energy consumption in general. This not only pleases my inner frostbite, but especially my green soul.

And if you're curious to see how such an intelligent heating control system performs in a practical test, then I have good news: I'll tell you about that in detail soon in a separate article.

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