The Truth About Detox

By Katharina Kehler

For some, detoxing means detoxifying the body and soul and getting rid of any ballast, for others it is just a wives' tale. There are countless instructions in the form of books or websites, purification cures and subjective descriptions by many who have been helped by the purification. But there are also doctors who claim that there is no such thing as slag. Does the detoxifying diet work now?? Or rather, does it harm your body?

What is detox?

According to zentrum-der-, slags are acids and poisons that are stored in connective or fatty tissue, for example. They come from a wrong diet, unhealthy foods and environmental or toxic pollution. These poisons include heavy metals, pesticides and preservatives. A purification cure is said to have the positive effect of flushing these toxins out of the body.

In order to achieve detoxification, the detoxifiers usually forego an acid-forming diet, for example animal products and foods that contain white flour or sugar of any kind. Also be sure to drink coffee and black tea, soft drinks, alcohol, and carbonated water. Smokers should also refrain from smoking during the detox process. At the same time, the basic diet should be increased. These include, for example, lots of raw vegetables, salads, millet, fruits, nuts and seeds. You should also drink a lot, especially still, pure water. You can find ideas for basic recipes here.

That speaks in favor of a purification cure for your body

Those who want to fast should be aware of why. A detox is not just about shedding a few pounds. Because weight loss is just a positive side effect of conscious nutrition. It's much more about: "Voluntary fasting, as opposed to starvation, causes physical as well as mental changes in people in the sense of an inward turn," explains nutritionist Francoise Wilhelmi de Toledo . This leads to a state of happiness for some people.

In addition to mental well-being, detoxing can also help detoxify inflammatory diseases. A study by the Jena University Clinic was able to show, based on 36 osteoarthritis patients who avoided meat for 15 days, that doing without meat improved the restricted joint function and relieved pain.

That speaks against a purification cure for your body

According to Ktipp, experts strongly advise against blood cleansing teas and detoxifying agents. "The industry takes advantage of the wrong notion that one has to detoxify the body in order to make money at the expense of the consumer," says the indignant nutritionist Sven-David Müller from the German Society for Nutritional Medicine Bad Aachen. As a rule, the intestines, liver and kidneys clean up pollutants such as blood alcohol, drug residues and other metabolic products. Only in the case of serious illnesses such as cirrhosis of the liver or chronic kidney weakness would poisoning occur, continued Müller. In his opinion, waste products do not exist in the human body. Susanne Klaus, professor of energy metabolism at the German Institute for Human Nutrition (DIfE) in Potsdam-Rehbrücke, also says that there is no such thing as waste.

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Detoxify the body: all nonsense, or what?

We summarize: In a healthy body, the digestive tract, intestines, liver and kidneys ensure a smooth metabolism and cleanse the body of harmful substances. The situation is different if you consume too much fat and medication, if you regularly drink alcohol or if you consume toxins such as dioxin and mercury. These cannot be broken down by our organs, intestines, liver and kidneys, which is why they are stored in adipose tissue.

In this case, a purification cure could help flush out the stored pollutants. But here, too, caution is advised. Nutrition experts warn against radical detox, especially if you are overweight. According to a Canadian study, rapid weight loss leads to increased levels of pollutants in the blood . Overweight people are exposed to a higher risk for the reason that they are more exposed to environmental toxins from consuming unhealthy foods. The pollutants are deposited in the fat depot of the overweight and are released when the fat is reduced, so that they can be detected in the blood.

In a certain way, detoxing makes sense, say even critics like the metabolism expert Susanne Klaus. “A fasting cure can also be useful for healthy people as an introduction to a change in diet. This is a psychological effect: I am setting a turning point because I cannot get out of the general daily grind. In reputable therapeutic fasting clinics, a whole program is offered, for example with exercise, hiking or psychological care. You can then take two weeks off from everyday life and reflect on yourself.»

Tips: How to Purify properly?

The following tips are recommended to all those who decide to purify: Let your doctor advise and examine you beforehand, because only healthy people should purify. In addition, it is best to go to a health resort to detox, as preparing the body for the cure and the ten days to a maximum of five weeks of detox can be very exhausting.

A detox or fasting cure is recommended if you feel uncomfortable in your body, for example due to being overweight, or if you have wanted to switch to a healthy diet for a long time. A detox can be the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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