Lose weight with Metabolic Balance?

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Metabolic Balance is based on a holistic change in diet for those willing to lose weight. To start the program, the participant first looks for a personal advisor. He can keep in touch with this both personally and via the Internet. This advisor is responsible for discussing the nutrition plan with the participant and accompanying him through the program. For this, a certain number of consultation appointments will be arranged with the willing. The participant bears the costs of creating the nutrition plan as well as the consultation appointments. Depending on the number of discussions and the choice of laboratory that created the plan, the costs can vary considerably.

Preparation by blood test

Before starting the fat reduction, a blood test must be done by a doctor. This sample is then sent to a central metabolic balance laboratory and examined there. For the analysis of the blood, the doctors in the laboratory evaluate 36 parameters, including blood lipid, calcium and liver enzyme values.

In addition to the blood analysis, those willing to lose weight must fill out a questionnaire. Both together serve the special computer program of Metabolic Balance to create a list of foods that the participant is allowed to eat from now on.

The preparatory phase

This phase usually lasts two days. Meanwhile, the test person should lead away with Glauber's salt or similar aids. Nutrition experts like Dr. However, Martin Hofmeister from the Bavarian Consumer Center warn against this procedure. This purification process destroys a large proportion of the intestinal bacteria. According to his statements, this can counteract weight loss and even be dangerous, as stated in an interview with the pharmacy survey.

In this preparatory phase, the participant can decide what he would like to eat. You can choose from 200 grams of whole grain rice, 1.5 kg of potatoes, 1 kg of fruit or 1.5 kg of vegetables. As an alternative, half of the usual can be eaten for breakfast, as well as a vegetable soup with an apple for lunch and vegetables or salad in the evening.

The strict phase

The time span of this phase is two to four weeks. During this time, the participant consumes approximately 1,000 kilocalories per day. You may only eat what is on the list created by the computer for the selected food. The problem with this is that the selection of products that is not based on nutritional principles can lead to deficiency symptoms, explains Dr. Hofmeister In an interview with the Apothekenumschau. He points out that there may be an undersupply of micronutrients.

The relaxed phase

It lasts for several weeks. During this time, the choice of possible foods will expand. Exercise is also recommended. And once a week a dish that is actually not allowed is allowed.

The maintenance phase

This phase is unlimited. It should be kept for as long as possible, in the best case forever.

The precise gram information makes losing weight with Metabolic Balance difficult.

Why the Metabolic Balance computer program selects which foods for a particular participant cannot be clearly explained. The selection is not based on nutritional science, as Dr. Martin Hofmeister confirmed. In addition, participation in the program is relatively expensive. The support ranges from an amount of around CHF 500 for a short support phase to CHF 1,000 for advice over a longer period of time. However, there is no guarantee that the weight loss will be maintained until the end of the consultation.

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The exact quantities on the grocery list make it difficult to keep up the program for a long time. It is just as inconvenient if you want to cook for the whole family or your partner. In addition, this diet is based on a low-carbohydrate diet. More protein should be consumed than is recommended by nutrition experts. However, less energy, fat and carbohydrates are consumed than advised. With prolonged use, this can lead to complications such as kidney damage. Gout attacks are not uncommon in people with high levels of uric acid in their blood.

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According to the test persons who tried this diet for the Austrian magazine “Konsument”, the composition of the food is not realistic. There are often many exotic foods listed in the nutrition plan that are not always available in the supermarket. Test persons who took part in the study also missed recipe suggestions for the permitted foods. As a result, some of the study participants did not have any variations in their diet for weeks and thus had a monotonous diet.

Effect on health

Metabolic Balance often promises not only weight loss, but also an improvement in health. The test by the magazine “Konsument” shows that weight loss occurred in all test subjects. One of the participants, who was hoping for an improvement in her sleep disorders and joint pain, never noticed any positive effects of Metabolic Balance on her state of health.

The conclusion of the test persons was: it requires too much discipline, food preparation is too time-consuming and, overall, too expensive. Not suitable for everyday use, too precise grams of food are required and seasonality is not taken into account. Therefore, the diet is difficult to follow in the office and not at all when a participant wants to eat in a restaurant.

More information about Metabolic Balance can be found at www..

The test by Konsument magazine with four different test subjects can be found at www.consumer.ch.

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